Club Clinic

In between "Model of the Quarter" club contests, we have "Club Clinics" to present techniques and ideas for improving your modeling skills.  
We really do need your ideas for topics. If you have an idea for a "Club Clinic", please email it to or present your idea at a club meeting.

Scheduled "Club Clinic" Topics

Topic  Scheduled Date

 No Club Clinic - Annual Club Pot-Luck Dinner.
 Judging for the fourth "Model of the Quarter" club contest. Theme: FIGURES
MotQ-1 theme: Corvettes
 December 2014

 Sharpie Painting
 - Surprising paint effects obtained using SharpieTM markers.
 MotQ-1 theme: CORVETTES
 January 2015 

 Paint Polishing
 - Learn how to get a waxed-finish look for your car models.
 MotQ-1 theme: CORVETTES
 February 2015

 Air Brushing - A classic clinic always worth revisiting.
 Judging for the first "Model of the Quarter" club contest. Theme: CORVETTES
MotQ-2 theme: TRUCKS

 March 2015

 Putty Techniques
 - Fill those cracks, gaps, and seams!
 MotQ-2 theme: TRUCKS
 April 2015

 Salt Chipping
 - Broken and chipped paint simulated using salt.
 MotQ-2 theme: TRUCKS
 May 2015

 No Club Clinic
Judging for the second "Model of the Quarter" club contest. Theme: TRUCKS
MotQ-3 theme: SPACE & SCI.FI.

 June 2015

 Airbrush Techniques Video
 - Club will watch a video airbrushing large size figures.
 MotQ-3 theme: SPACE & SCI.Fi.
 July 2015

 Selling Models on EBay
 - The do's and dont's from someone who has done both.
 MotQ-3 theme: SPACE & SCI.FI.
 August 2015

 Photo Etch - Ever a challenge, more techniques.
 Judging for the third "Model of the Quarter" club contest. Theme: SPACE & SCI.FI.
MotQ-4 theme: ANY SHIP
 September 2015

- Always a favorite, this one on rolling stock, buildings, and railroad cars.
 MotQ-4 theme: ANY SHIP
 October 2015

- To be decided.
 MotQ-4 theme: ANY SHIP
 November 2015

 No Club Clinic
 Annual Club Pot-Luck Dinner
 Judging for the fourth "Model of the Quarter" club contest. Theme: The Ship
 Next MotQ-1 theme: ???
 December 2015

 ??? - To be decided.
 MotQ-1 theme: ???
 January 2016