Club Clinic

Every monthly meeting, we have a "Club Clinic" to present techniques and ideas for improving your modeling skills.  You get to decide what is important to you to learn or explore.  
As such we really do need your ideas for topics. If you have an idea for a "Club Clinic" topic, please email it to

Scheduled "Club Clinic" Topics

Topic  Scheduled Date
 Making Decals Clinic - Making your own plus techniques for avoiding silvering.  December 2013
 LED Lighting Clinic - "...Illuminated models for the illuminati of luminous model building."  January 2014 
 No Club Clinic - Judging for the first "Model of the Quarter" club contest. Theme: Model in 3 Months  February 2014

 Bare Metal Foil - Techniques for using real metal.

 March 2014
 Super-Detailing - Ideas on how to "go that extra mile... or five".  April 2014
 No Club Clinic - Judging for the second "Model of the Quarter" club contest. Theme: Finish One You Started  May 2014

 Ground Cover for Display Stands - "...and this happy little rock lives back here."

 June 2014
 Making Water Look Real + Mirror Bases - "This month is a double-feature!"  July 2014
 No Club Clinic - Judging for the "Model of the Quarter" club contest. Theme: Madd Maxx  August 2014
 Water Effects Clinic - "Splish Splash we're not taking a bath..."  September 2014
 Figure Painting Clinic - Learn how to paint the little people...   October 2014
 Club Clinic - ???  November 2014
 No Club Clinic - Annual Club Pot-Luck Dinner. Judging for the fourth "Model of the Quarter" club contest. Theme: Figures  December 2014