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Working With Decals

By Jack Andrewson

I have always had problems with decals and it got to the point that I avoided models with complicated decal arrangements because I always knew that I would mess up one decal and ruin the whole model.  I started with Aero Sol and Aero Set.  Since Aero Sol had the lower product number, I assumed that you should use the Aero Sol first when you applied the decal to the model, and Aero Set later to settle the decal down flush with the model surface.  This caused untold problems because it was very difficult to move the decal once I placed it on the model.  You had to place it exactly where you wanted it because it was not going to move afterward.


I recently switched to Micro Set and Micro Sol decal setting products by MicroScale.  I went to the MicroScale web site and found it very helpful.  Their instructions tell you to use Micro Set on the surface of the model before you place the decal.  This allows you the opportunity to reposition the decal as needed to get it right where you want it on the surface of your model.  After you have placed all your decals on the model, and the decals are all dry, brush a little Micro Sol over each decal to help it to settle down onto the surface of the model to give it that painted on look. 


I have tried this system with a several models in the past couple of months, and it works great.  I am no longer afraid of the decal application process in my model building.  Mike Duncan stocks these MicroScale products at River Eagle Hobbies.


 Microscale Industries Website Link