Notes from the President

Welcome to 2016

posted Feb 14, 2016, 6:06 PM by CentralMissouri ScaleModelers's already February, and we've already met once, but welcome everyone to 2016.  2015 was a very good year for CMSM.  Another successful TigerCon.  The introduction of our Club diorama at the annual gathering to honor the Tuskegee Airmen the week of the Salute to Veterans airshow.  And some truly awesome models submitted in our model of the quarter challenges.

2016 started off club meeting wise with a truly excellent presentation by T Mike on how to work with photo-etch (and other teeny tiny parts).  The pictures are posted below...the picture with T Mike wearing 3 sets of glasses is priceless.


December for One and All!

posted Dec 15, 2015, 2:05 PM by CentralMissouri ScaleModelers

Greetings fellow modelers!

This Thursday, Dec 17th, will be the regular monthly meeting AND (as it's the last meeting of the year) our annual pot luck.  BBQ will be provided.  Bring something you enjoy to share... or pick up some sodas.

Also at this meeting we'll be covering several Quarter Challenge models.

First: Time is up for 2015 Quarter 4.  Bring your completed (or mostly completed) ship model.  I hope we have a wide variety to judge.  I admit after working on mine I think I'll recommend a monthly demo or "how to" on running rigging and antenna wires.

Second: Bring the Armor model you'll be working on for 2016 Quarter 1.  Remember... you ~can~ have started this one. But, started or not, bring it in... show us what you're building.

Third: To kick off the build clock for 2016 Quarter 2, bring in the aircraft model you've selected.

Provided we all haven't eaten enough to pass out, T.Mike will be doing another program on photo etch.  Which brings me to a personal request (thinking of how PE is often very small parts)... try to bring in whatever your personal favorite tool is for working with "very small parts". (Hopefully it's NOT something nicknamed "the catapult"... You see where I'm going with this...)

Finally we will be electing 2016 club Officers and begin collecting dues for 2016.  It's still a great deal at $15.  And speaking of club dues... remember we do need as many of the club members as possible to be IPMS National members as well.

Looking forward to a fun evening!  See you all Thursday night (except for Colin S... who has decided he needs to go Awaken the Force).

CMSM/IPMS Club President

October Meeting This Thursday, Oct 15

posted Oct 12, 2015, 11:25 AM by CentralMissouri ScaleModelers

Greetings Fellow Modelers!

Our monthly meeting for October will take place this coming Thursday, October 15th.

As this will be the final full member meeting before TigerCon, it stands to reason, much of the discussion will be focused on that topic.

If you've sold any sponsorships, bring in the funds.  Also if you have any models to donate to the raffle, please bring those as well.

To assist in preparing judges for TigerCon...and to help us as modelers understand where we need to focus our fixes...please bring some of your completed models for "sample" judging.

Also a good time to show off your progress on the 4th quarter challenge build (ships/boats), and the 1std quarter for next year (armor).

Looking forward to seeing everyone on Thursday night.


September Meeting! Sept 17th

posted Sep 10, 2015, 9:43 AM by CentralMissouri ScaleModelers

Greetings Fellow Modelers!

Our monthly meeting for September will take place on Sept 17th, the 3rd Thursday of the month.  A week from this evening.

As this is the finish line for the 3rd Quarter Challenge build, be sure to bring your completed Space/Science Fiction project!  To those who will be entering...good luck!   To those (like me) who are still working on their project...just remember..."never give up...never give in".

Also you are welcome to bring your ship model that is the subject of the 4th Quarter Challenge to update everyone on progress.

And...since the topic for 1st Quarter Challenge 2016 was selected at the last meeting, feel free to bring in your Armor kit as this meeting will kick off the build window for that challenge also.

And because that's probably not nearly enough models to cart in...please bring any other kits you've finished or are working on.  One thing we hope to discuss at this and the October meeting is "contest judging".  We need examples to judge.

Looking forward to seeing everyone on the 17th.  Until then...try to keep the glue on the model...not the fingers.


August! August!

posted Aug 10, 2015, 4:54 PM by CentralMissouri ScaleModelers

Greetings Fellow Modelers,
This is a reminder (late as it is), that the August meeting is this coming Thursday (August 13th). We've a lot on the agenda for this month.
The move from the 3rd Thursday back to the 2nd Thursday is going to cause some potential problems. Therefore we will discuss (and most likely vote) on moving the meeting to an alternate day. With the 2nd Thursday and 3rd Thursday causing various members difficulties, we may need to select a "non-Thursday" slot. Of course this will be somewhat based on the Optimist Club location being available.
Everyone be sure to bring a status update on your 3rd Quarter Challenge model - Space/SciFy. Only 1 month to go. You can also bring a status on the 4th Quarter Challenge model - ships! And finally to prep for the "next" Quarter building window, we'll be officially selecting the subject for 1st Quarter of 2016.
We'll also begin discussing TigerCon 2015. And also give some thought to how or if we plan to use the Tuskegee Airmen diorama, and if we want to begin another (Peal Harbor?) before hand.
And Finally, Larry will be giving a demonstration/program on how to sell models on Ebay, and how to pack them for shipment.
Looking forward to seeing everyone on Thursday.
IPMS/CMSM Club President

Summer Time! Start a new challenge

posted Jun 16, 2015, 6:15 PM by CentralMissouri ScaleModelers

Time to gather again.  Here at the start of summer.

We'll judge the 2nd Quarter models...bring your Trucks!
We'll also introduce our Quarter 3 models, Real Space and Science Fiction
AND...based on the rules vote from last month, you can bring an introduce your Quarter 4 model, Boats!

The original plan was for Larry Schmidt to present a program on selling finished models on Ebay, but he was called out of town at the last minute.  So...we'll have the initial discussions regarding TigerCon.  Primary focus will be on finalizing the model categories.

Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

Success in May

posted Jun 16, 2015, 6:06 PM by CentralMissouri ScaleModelers

Sorry folks I know this post is way late (almost at the time of the June meeting).  But we shouldn't let the May meeting fade into the haze of time without noting the SUCCESS it illustrated.  In the photo albums below there is a set showing the diorama the club has started to take to the annual reception put on to honor the Tuskegee airmen.   And below that are photos from the reception where the diorama was VERY well received.  Good job to all who came together to start this diorama.  And of course...we can keep adding to it and use it at TigerCon 2015.

The other Big news from the May meeting was a settling on the rules of the Model of the Quarter contest.  Moving forward, as before each quarter will have a specific theme, but we will have the opportunity to work on "two" models at the same time.  So for the upcoming Quarter 3 challenge (Real space and Science Fiction) you can begin your model after the June'll also be able to start on your Quarter 4 model, the theme being "Boats".

As Always...a good gathering!

posted Apr 27, 2015, 6:41 PM by CentralMissouri ScaleModelers

The April meeting was like all of our gatherings.  Enjoyable, informative, and entertaining (don't ever ask how to fill the seam in a horse figure's rump).
Below are pictures of our happy crew, some photos of the progress on the Q2 Challenge: TRUCKS, an overview of our monthly clinic and presentation on putty and fillers (minus practice on the aforementioned horse), and a first look at the club project to create a diorama of the airfield used by the Tuskegee Airmen...hopefully it will come together enough to take to their honor event over memorial weekend.

Already looking forward to our next gathering!   Kent

Its that TIME! Remember the April Meeting is this coming Thursday - April 16

posted Apr 12, 2015, 6:56 PM by CentralMissouri ScaleModelers

This is the reminder that our regular monthly meeting is this coming Thursday evening, March 19, 2015 at 6:30 pm at the Sunrise Optimist club.

Key activities: Progress on 2nd Quarter Challenge: Trucks (and some discussion/clarification on the rules as they are).

We'll also discuss and see the status of the diorama for the Tuskegee Airmen display.  

And the demo/tips/tricks/and how too's will be on Putty, Filler, etc.,

As always bring in any model you happen to be working on, especially those you've recently finished.  And also as always, be sure to invite a friend who might be interested in modeling to come with you.  We won't bite...promise (and I think most of us have had our shots).


March was a fun month!

posted Apr 2, 2015, 8:42 PM by CentralMissouri ScaleModelers

Our gathering in March saw the finals of our 1st Quarter Challenge - Corvettes.  There were seven entries (ok...just six and a partial...but the partial is a very nice piece of modeling).  Tim O'Conner came storming out of modeling semi-retirement (noting this is the first car he's completed in many many years as he gets back into the hobby).  A great job with a 1953 Corvette.  Great job Tim!

Jack Andrewson presented a nice refresher program on using an airbrush and compressor.  Thanks Jack!

Also in March, Jim Reese and Kent Barnes represented the club at the 2015 Corvette Cup, held at the Stoney Creek Inn on Saturday March 28.  We were able to interact with many of the attendees, and had the pleasant surprise of visiting with a couple from KC whose grandson fondly remembered the Make-N-Take from TigerCon 2014, where he made a Camaro.  It so happens that we brought a completed (i.e., painted and built like a normal model...glue and all) example of our Make-N-Take Camaro's, as we were a bit limited on the number of Corvettes to show off.  This "bright green" Corvette (which can be seen on the club's FaceBook page) went home with the couple from KC, who said their grandson would appreciate it, and they knew he would be anxious to get back to TigerCon this year.   Special thanks to Tim O'Conner for letting us display his Quarter winning 53 Corvette.  There were many positive complements on it.

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