2012 - A Year in Review

posted Dec 9, 2012, 3:08 PM by CentralMissouri ScaleModelers   [ updated Dec 9, 2012, 3:10 PM ]
Hello Fellow Modelers!

Well - the term is about over for this year's president.  I had several lofty goals for this year as it relates to increased club and hobby public awareness, increased membership and increased participation.  We have had some success but I am optimistic that as we learn how to reach out to the community we will be able to better attain these goals for 2013.

To recap some of what we did this year.

  1. * We started a Facebook Page for the club which now has 27 "Likes" and many local organizations that link to our posts.
  2. * We started a Twitter Feed.  Not much success there - maybe next year?
  3. * We started a YouTube Channel to post videos and links of stories on our club.
  4. * KMIZ's Ron Widbin did a "Widbin's Way" story of our TigerCon 2011 Contest.  We purchased the video and posted it on our new YouTube Channel.
  5. * We did a model display with the Boy Scout's Derby days event.
  6. * We setup a space themed model display at the Columbia Public Library for a few months.
  7. * We did a "Scale Modeling Workshop" with the Columbia Public Library.
  8. * Colin Smialek was able to go on the radio to promote our club with KBIA's Radio Friends.
  9. * Several members participated in the IPMS Region 5 Regional Model Competition.  Those that entered models into the contest won awards!
  10. * We set up a model display of military aircraft for the pleasure of the few remaining Tuskegee Airmen at a reception held in their honor.  Col. Charles McGee was very pleased that we brought in P-51 "Red Tail" aircraft.
  11. * We set up a model display and information station right in the middle of the Columbia Mall for the summer.  Thousands of people walked by and saw our display.  We handed out hundreds and hundreds of flyers promoting the hobby of scale model building as well as the TigerCon 2012 Contest.
  12. * We helped the Soap-Box Derby with a 1/8 page add promoting our club.
  13. * We setup a model display and information station at a local Book Store's open house.
  14. * We had club members attend the Heartland Model Car Show and Contest in Overland Park KS - promoting our club and TigerCon 2012.
  15. * We had club members attend the Gateway to the West Contest in Eureka MO - promoting our club and TigerCon 2012.
  16. * We had club members attend Missouri Ozarks Scale Specialists (MOSS CON 2012) in Branson MO -promoting our club and TigerCon 2012.
  17. * Colin Smialek was able to go on the radio to promote our club and the upcoming TigerCon Contest with KBIA's Radio Friends.
  18. * We met with Kid's First Optimist Club to present our club, scale modeling and the upcoming TigerCon contest.
  19. * We sent TigerCon 2012 invitation flyers to the 4-H Organization (hoping to reach the 600 youth involved in 4-H).
  20. * We held our Second Annual TigerCon Model Contest and Vendor Fair on December 1st, 2012 with 42 contestants and 165 models from the mid-west!
OK - looking back on what we have accomplished together really makes me happy!  We have been able to reach out and share the news about this hobby and this fantastic club to many adults and youth of mid-Missouri!

I want to thank everyone that helped make this year a success!!  Thank you!

Brian Lloyd
President, CMSM