2014 is Coming Soon...

posted Nov 18, 2013, 11:53 AM by CentralMissouri ScaleModelers

Greetings fellow modelers,

I am putting this message out a little earlier than usual because there is something special we want to do at our December meeting.  Rusty Ratliff pointed out that we have not done a ‘Model in a Month’ in quite a while.  We will start this again in December.  Actually, it is a model in two months.  All members are encouraged to bring an UNSTARTED model to the December meeting.  It will be your "assignment" to build that model and bring it back to the February club meeting.  We will judge the modes at that time.  Rusty pointed out that we have had a lot of people start these models and never finish them.  Rusty hinted that there might be fines for failure to complete your model on time.  We will have to wait to see what he means by fines (*grin* we're kidding!).  We will get him to explain this further at the December meeting.  I have already picked out my model, but now I am frustrated that I cannot start it until after the December meeting.

Also, we will be electing new club officers for 2014.  We have the following members who have so far volunteered to run for club office:

                Scott Adams  -  President
                Jim Reese  -  Secretary
                Brian Lloyd  -  Treasurer
                T. Mike Curry  -  TigerCon Chairman

If you would like to run for office, we will also take additional nominations at the meeting.  In addition to these officers, Brian Lloyd has agreed to continue our outreach program, and I will continue to try to co-ordinate Technique programs for the meetings.

The program for the December meeting will be decals.  Scott Adams will do a demonstration on applying decals.  I hope he brings in a Nascar racer that has to be covered in a boatload of sponsor’s decals.  I will also do a repeat program on making your own decals on your home computer.

January starts our new club year.  Dues will be coming due again.  Our new officers will begin to chart our club’s course for the coming year.  You must remember that this is OUR club.  This last year was not just my club and next year is not just Scott’s club.  It takes input from all of us to have a successful year, and I am sure you will all support Scott and the new team like you have supported me this past year.  I have enjoyed being your Club President and I am pleased to see the growth in our club.  Let’s keep this going and growing through 2014.

Thank you,
Jack Andrewson
CMSM Club President