December for One and All!

posted Dec 15, 2015, 2:05 PM by CentralMissouri ScaleModelers

Greetings fellow modelers!

This Thursday, Dec 17th, will be the regular monthly meeting AND (as it's the last meeting of the year) our annual pot luck.  BBQ will be provided.  Bring something you enjoy to share... or pick up some sodas.

Also at this meeting we'll be covering several Quarter Challenge models.

First: Time is up for 2015 Quarter 4.  Bring your completed (or mostly completed) ship model.  I hope we have a wide variety to judge.  I admit after working on mine I think I'll recommend a monthly demo or "how to" on running rigging and antenna wires.

Second: Bring the Armor model you'll be working on for 2016 Quarter 1.  Remember... you ~can~ have started this one. But, started or not, bring it in... show us what you're building.

Third: To kick off the build clock for 2016 Quarter 2, bring in the aircraft model you've selected.

Provided we all haven't eaten enough to pass out, T.Mike will be doing another program on photo etch.  Which brings me to a personal request (thinking of how PE is often very small parts)... try to bring in whatever your personal favorite tool is for working with "very small parts". (Hopefully it's NOT something nicknamed "the catapult"... You see where I'm going with this...)

Finally we will be electing 2016 club Officers and begin collecting dues for 2016.  It's still a great deal at $15.  And speaking of club dues... remember we do need as many of the club members as possible to be IPMS National members as well.

Looking forward to a fun evening!  See you all Thursday night (except for Colin S... who has decided he needs to go Awaken the Force).

CMSM/IPMS Club President