February 2012 Update

posted Feb 19, 2012, 5:44 PM by CentralMissouri ScaleModelers   [ updated Feb 20, 2012, 1:00 PM ]
Hello fellow modelers!

Our February 2012 meeting was a success!  We had two new individuals attend along with the core regular attendees.  Welcome “New Guys!” :-)

We talked about our next month’s topic and decided that it will be on the Airbrush.  We will have several members bring in their airbrushes and do a “clinic” on how to use an airbrush, how to clean it, how to correct common problems and what the various parts of an airbrush are.  So - if you are one of our members that use an airbrush regularly we need you to contact Jack Andrewson and let him know what you will be bringing and what topic you will be able to demonstrate.  If anyone has an idea on how we can use a digital recorder or camera to capture the video of this presentation then we will publish it on our web site for those to see that were not able to make it.

Speaking of not being able to make it...  I will not be able to attend the March meeting due to a family commitment.  It would be fantastic if we could record the session!  Scott Adams will be running the meeting in my absence.

We also discussed the possibility of the club members printing their own “generic” club introduction cards (business cards) to give out to friends or total strangers that happen to be standing next to you in the modeling isle of a store so we can increase the membership and awareness of the club.  I will be sending out the MS Word format file to everyone in a separate email.  if you want to make cards please do!  I would like to request that you not alter the card design so that we can keep a consistent marketing message and theme.  If you do not want to print your own cards then I will try to get a small handful of cards to keep in your wallet so you that you can hand out when needed.

We discussed many topics this month which will be documented in the meeting minutes and sent out once they are complete.

Some urgent items - if you are planning on supplying models for the UMB Tuskegee Airmen Reception please let me know.  We need to coordinate the size of the table and work on who will be able to attend to man the display.  This important event is coming up soon!  

We will publish a page on our web site that lists the calendar of events and upcoming topics.  Hopefully this will encourage more people to participate.  We will minimize the club “business part” and expand the club “clinic” or talk topic part going forward.  We know you don’t want to drive to the club meeting and listen to a bunch of business stuff so we will focus on making it a more fun and useful meeting for everyone.

We will also investigate other social media outreach and marketing areas so stay tuned for the expansion.

Take care and see you soon!
-Brian Lloyd