March was a fun month!

posted Apr 2, 2015, 8:42 PM by CentralMissouri ScaleModelers
Our gathering in March saw the finals of our 1st Quarter Challenge - Corvettes.  There were seven entries (ok...just six and a partial...but the partial is a very nice piece of modeling).  Tim O'Conner came storming out of modeling semi-retirement (noting this is the first car he's completed in many many years as he gets back into the hobby).  A great job with a 1953 Corvette.  Great job Tim!

Jack Andrewson presented a nice refresher program on using an airbrush and compressor.  Thanks Jack!

Also in March, Jim Reese and Kent Barnes represented the club at the 2015 Corvette Cup, held at the Stoney Creek Inn on Saturday March 28.  We were able to interact with many of the attendees, and had the pleasant surprise of visiting with a couple from KC whose grandson fondly remembered the Make-N-Take from TigerCon 2014, where he made a Camaro.  It so happens that we brought a completed (i.e., painted and built like a normal model...glue and all) example of our Make-N-Take Camaro's, as we were a bit limited on the number of Corvettes to show off.  This "bright green" Corvette (which can be seen on the club's FaceBook page) went home with the couple from KC, who said their grandson would appreciate it, and they knew he would be anxious to get back to TigerCon this year.   Special thanks to Tim O'Conner for letting us display his Quarter winning 53 Corvette.  There were many positive complements on it.