October, October, Send TigerCon Right Over...

posted Oct 2, 2013, 3:14 PM by CentralMissouri ScaleModelers

Hello modelers,

October 10th is our last club meeting before TigerCon.  It is important that we get as many members to this meeting as possible.  We will discuss final arrangements before TigerCon and be making assignments for the event.  We have a small club and everyone’s help will be needed to pull it off.

One of our real successes at TigerCon is our raffle.  People love our raffle because we let them choose the model they win.  We each need to scan our stash of models and see what we can spare for the raffle.  If you have models you want to donate to the raffle, please check each model to insure that the model is complete.  Please bring your donations to this club meeting or to TigerCon.

We have a good meeting coming up on the 10th.  The program will be on how to use photo-etched parts.  I know T. Mike Curry is preparing to show us how to use photo-etched parts on armor models.  I plan to show some photo-etched parts on aircraft.  Anyone else with photo-etch experience is encouraged to share their knowledge during the program.  During the meeting, we will also be showing pictures from the recent St. Louis show.

I look forward to seeing all of you at the club meeting.
-CMSM Club President