Success in May

posted Jun 16, 2015, 6:06 PM by CentralMissouri ScaleModelers
Sorry folks I know this post is way late (almost at the time of the June meeting).  But we shouldn't let the May meeting fade into the haze of time without noting the SUCCESS it illustrated.  In the photo albums below there is a set showing the diorama the club has started to take to the annual reception put on to honor the Tuskegee airmen.   And below that are photos from the reception where the diorama was VERY well received.  Good job to all who came together to start this diorama.  And of course...we can keep adding to it and use it at TigerCon 2015.

The other Big news from the May meeting was a settling on the rules of the Model of the Quarter contest.  Moving forward, as before each quarter will have a specific theme, but we will have the opportunity to work on "two" models at the same time.  So for the upcoming Quarter 3 challenge (Real space and Science Fiction) you can begin your model after the June'll also be able to start on your Quarter 4 model, the theme being "Boats".