Welcome 2013!

posted Jan 28, 2013, 6:42 PM by CentralMissouri ScaleModelers   [ updated Jan 28, 2013, 6:51 PM ]

Hello fellow modelers!

This is the first “Notes From the President” communications for 2013.

The Central Missouri Scale Modelers held our annual after TigerCon celebration pot luck dinner and officer elections for the next year back in December 2012.  The pot luck was great but the elections did not bring in any new talent to the club leadership.

It was proposed that a new position of “Outreach Coordinator” be created and everyone seemed to be happy with me taking on that role full time.  The Secretary and Treasurer positions were easy to fill because T.Mike Curry offered to continue his work as Secretary and Scott Adams offered to continue his work as Treasurer.  These wonderful guys were reelected quickly and unanimously.  Colin Smialek was easily reelected to the TigerCon Coordinator role.  No one accepted the bribes or offers of being the President for 2013 so at this point that responsibility will be shared by Colin and me. 

In the role of Outreach Coordinator I will try to focus on increasing club public visibility as well as try to increase our club membership.  Colin will start coordinating TigerCon 2013 activities and we will jointly manage the direction and presidential duties as needed.  I am pleased and thankful that Colin offered to share this responsibility with me.

I was not at the January meeting due to work and family commitments.  However with the change in the meeting date for February to be the 21st (because of Valentines day) myself, Colin, Scott and T.Mike have it covered for February! 

This year we really need your help to identify meeting topics that will give our other members a reason to come to the monthly meetings.  Even I don’t like spending more than 10min doing the business portion of the meetings – I would much rather learn a new technique or share my experiences with others.  Without everyone’s ideas and willingness to step forward and help Jack Andrewson set topics for the meetings we will have fewer and fewer members continue with the club.  This club will survive or fail because of member participation.

We will have some incredible opportunities to share our love of the hobby with others this year so put our meeting schedule on your calendar and bring your latest project to share!