Model Building Tools

At a recent meeting we had a discussion of what are the basic tools needed to become a model builder. Well - here is a starting point! If you have comments or adjustments to this list please email them to and we will edit this page!

  • Magnifier that attaches to your head so your hands are free
  • Various types of Super Glue and Model Glue
  • X-Acto blades with handle
  • Saw (X-Acto) for scratch-building
  • Various tweezers for picking up and holding small parts
  • Hemostat or small pliers
  • Flush cut diagonal cutters for removing parts from the sprue
  • Various grits of sanding sticks/files
  • Sand paper 600 to 2000 grit (polishing pad run from 2600 to 12,000
  • Pin vise and drills (X-Acto)
  • Various sizes of clamps and rubber bands
  • Small containers with lids to hold parts, water, paint, etc...