TigerCon 2014




TigerCon 2014


Saturday, November 8th, 2014

At the Hickman High School in Columbia, MO, USA



Junior and Novice Modelers



Juniors Age 16 and Under, All Scales

Novice Modeler, All Scales

If you're an adult modeler who either just started building models, or built them when you were young and only recently started modeling again, this is your category. Note that the Head Judge reserves the option to move your model to another category if the skill and quality of your build is beyond that of a novice... consider it a compliment!

Sponsor: Columbia Mall

1st: Nick Lockwood -- M41 Walker Bulldog Tank

2nd: Lerron Toder -- 1949 Mercury Car

Models entered: 5

Sponsor: Fraternal Order of Eagles, Aerie #2730

1st: Cory Arms -- Panzerkampfwagen Tank

Models entered: 1












Prop Aircraft, Smaller than 1/48 Scale

Jet Aircraft, Smaller than 1/48 Scale

Single Prop Aircraft, 1/48 Scale

Multi Prop Aircraft, 1/48 Scale

Jet Aircraft, 1/48 Scale

Aircraft, Larger than 1/48 Scale

Helicopters, Rotary Wing Aircraft, All Scales

Commercial Aircraft, All Scales

Examples include: Boeing 747's, and Leer Jets

Miscellaneous Aircraft, All Scales

Examples include: Zeppelins, drones, gliders, hang-gliders, observation balloons, that flapping flying thing Leonardo da Vinci designed

Sponsor: Larry Schmidt

1st: Jeff Bobela -- A-26

2nd: John Casey -- Northrup Alpha

3rd: Collin Smialek -- Ford Trimotor

Models entered: 7

Sponsor: CMSM

1st: John T.Casey -- YF-22

2nd: Jeff Bobela -- F-18G

3rd: Collin Smialek -- MiG-23S


Models entered: 3

Sponsor: Jack Andrewson

1st: Collin Smialek -- P-51D

2nd: Frank Holzburg -- T-6 Texan

3rd: Bill Blackwood -- A6-M2 Zero

Models entered: 7

Sponsor: CMSM

1st: Juan Denning -- He-111Z


Models entered: 1

Sponsor: Jack Andrewson

1st: Frank Holzburg -- IAF F4.E

2nd: Jerry Geer -- F4 Fury

3rd: Charles Williams -- F-14

Models entered: 10

Sponsor: CMSM

1st: Steve Oakson -- IAR 81-C

2nd: Jim Triola -- P51-D

3rd: Rusty Ratliff -- LVG


Models entered: 8


Sponsor: Rock Bottom Comics

1st: Charles Williams -- V2 Osprey

Models entered: 1

Rock Bottom Comics

Sponsor: CMSM

1st: Jim Triola -- B-377 Stratocruiser

Models entered: 1


Sponsor: CMSM

1st: Tom Bogacki -- LS-18 Glider

2nd: David Hedrick -- Waco CG-4A Glider

Models entered: 2











Armor Smaller than 1/35 Scale

Allied Armor 1945 and Earlier, 1/35 Scale

British, Russian, American, French, Chinese, and other Allied Nation's armor

Axis Armor 1945 and Earlier, 1/35 Scale

German, Japanese, Italian, Finnish, Hungarian, and other Axis Nation's armor

Armor 1946 to Present, 1/35 Scale

Miscellaneous Armored Vehicles, All Scales

Examples include: Armored trains, British Mk-IIB Troop Carrier, DUK, LVT's, Centurian Mobile Point Defense vehicle, an armored bridge layer cat

Jeeps, Halftracks, All Scales

Artillery, All Scales

Miscellaneous Military, All Scales

Examples include: German Goliath, M561 Gama Goat, Military Staff Car, soft skin vehicles, Military Fork Lift, Marine Bulldozer (Pacific Theatre), non-armored bridge layer truck, Egyptian SA-2 Missile Transporter, Panzerschreck model replica

Sponsor: CMSM

1st: Michael McCurdy -- German Tiger Tank

Models entered: 1


Sponsor: Kent Barnes

1st: Hugh Palmer -- Russian KV-1

2nd: Michael McCurdy -- US M4A3/76 Sherman

3rd: Ron Denning -- US M3 Lee Tank

Models entered: 5


Sponsor: Kent Barnes

1st: Rusty Ratliff -- German King Tiger

2nd: Steve Arms -- Panzerkampfwagen II

3rd: Charles Williams -- Japanese Type 97 Light Tank

Models entered: 4


Sponsor: CMSM

1st: Scott Johnson -- Tiran 4

2nd: Hugh Palmer -- M48A3 Patton

3rd: John Casey -- M1 Super Sherman

Models entered: 5


Sponsor: CMSM

1st: Chris Paterson -- M-4 Sherman Hedgehog

Models entered: 1


Sponsor: CMSM

1st: Hugh Palmer -- US M151A2 w/ M416 Cargo Trailer

Models entered: 1


Sponsor: Valhalla's Gate

1st: Tom Bogacki -- German 20mm Anti-Aircraft Gun

2nd: Steve Arms -- German 75mm Anti-Tank Gun

Models entered: 2

Sponsor: CMSM

1st: Charles Williams -- M1151 Humvee Desert Tactical

2nd: Tom Bogacki -- 2-1/2 Ton US Army Truck

3rd: Chris Paterson -- 2-1/2 Ton US Army Truck, WWII

Models entered: 3











Domestic Automotive, Smaller than 1/20 Scale

Foreign Automotive, Smaller than 1/20 Scale

Racing Automotive, Smaller than 1/20 Scale

Custom Automotive, Smaller than 1/20 Scale

Automotive, 1/20 Scale and Larger

Large scale vehicles and (typically) Formula One cars

Trucks, Rescue Vehicles, Service Vehicles, All Scales

Motorcycles, All Scales

Miscellaneous Automotive, All Scales

It's an automotive kit, but it doesn't fit in any other category. Examples include: the "Visible Car Engine"

Sponsor: University Subaru

1st: Rod Cook -- "Hot Rod Ford"

2nd: Frank Holzburg -- 1949 Mercury Woody Wagon

3rd: Chris Heffner -- 1932 Ford

Models entered: 12

Sponsor: University Subaru

1st: Scott Adams -- BMW 2-3

2nd: Doug Clarkson -- European Car

Models entered: 2

Sponsor: Rob Dunscombe, State Farm Insurance

1st: Rod Cook -- 1948 Chevy Coupe Salt Flats Car

2nd: Scott Adams -- Opel DTM

3rd: Darron Blakemore -- Challenger Dirt Track Car

Models entered: 9

State Farm Insurance

Sponsor: Simpson Imports

1st: Scott Adams -- Custom 1932 Ford

2nd: Rod Cook -- Custom Woody Pickup

3rd: Rodney Henry -- 1963 Galaxy

Models entered: 8

Simpson Imports

Sponsor: University Subaru

-No Entries This Year-

Sponsor: Colin Payton

1st: Rod Cook -- 1996 Ford F350 Dualie

2nd: Darron Blakemore -- Peter Built

3rd: Tom Bogacki -- 1953 Ford Custom

Models entered: 9


Sponsor: MidAmerica Harley Davidson

1st: Darron Blakemore -- Harley Sportster

Models entered: 1


Sponsor: Fletcher Honda

1st: Charles Williams -- Carrera Porshe GT

2nd: Scott Adams -- Mayers Manx

3rd: Pat Baker -- Tijuana Taxi

Models entered: 3

Fletcher Honda



Figurines, Busts, Statuettes, All Scales ***

Examples include: Dinosaurs, Frankenstein, the Wolfman, a shark and diver.

Sponsor: Gotcha! Costumes

1st: Rusty Ratliff -- SS Machine Gunner

2nd: Chris Paterson -- German Grenadier

3rd: Charles Williams -- Kogatha Creature

Figures entered: 9







Sailing Ships, All Scales

Ships-of-the-line from the Great Age of Sailing, and any other vessal which primarily uses wind and sail to move

Ships of World War I and World War II, All Scales

Any ship which sailed during the Great World War or World War II

Engine Powered Ships, All Scales

Any ship powered primarily by an engine (excluding 602). Examples: Modern cargo ships, hovercraft, speedboats, Mississippi riverboat, Jacques Cousteau's "Calypso"

Miscellaneous Ships, All Scales

Examples include: a rowboat, captains skiff, Greek bireme or trireme, 16th century Galeass, that strange screw-driven boat Galileo designed but never built


Luckenbill Law Firm, LLC

Tom LuckenbillLuckenbill Law Firm, LLC 1st: Eric Reuter -- H.M.A.V. Bounty 2nd: Pat Baker -- Pirate Ship

Models entered: 2

Jeff Pinson

Sponsor: Jeff Pinson 1st: CV-13 Franklin US Navy 2nd: Charles Williams -- Ship (type not listed)

3rd: Richard Sliwka -- Coast Guard Cutter Spencer

Models entered: 6


Luckenbill Law Firm, LLC

Tom LuckenbillLuckenbill Law Firm, LLC 1st: Richard Sliwka -- USS Cromwell Destroyer

2nd: Eric Reuter -- Missouri River Boat

3rd: Charles Williams -- USS Chandler

Models entered: 4

Sponsor: CMSM

1st: Ron Denning -- SSBN-618 Thomas Jefferson Submarine

Models entered: 1


Real Space and Science Fiction


All Types, All Scales

Sponsor: The Lloyd Family

1st: David Hedrick -- Lost in Space Jupiter II

2nd: Steve Rosario -- Star Trek(tm) USS Constellation

3rd: Ron Denning -- SR-75 Penetrator w/ X-7 Thunder Dart

Models entered: 10



All Themes, All Scales


1st: Rusty Rafliff -- "Farewell My Friend"

2nd: John McNeely -- "Russian Artillery Piece"

3rd: Chris Paterson -- "Landmine!"

Dioramas entered: 8





Scratch-Built, All Scales

You built the whole thing from the ground up with parts and pieces you either made or assembled yourself

Kit-Built, All Scales

It's a commercial model kit, but it doesn't fit in any other category

Sponsor: IPMS Great Plains

1st: Ron Denning -- WWI Mk-IV Male Tadpole Tank

2nd: Eric Reuter -- Missouri River Keel Boat

Models entered: 2

Scott Adams

Sponsor: Scott Adams 1st: Jack Andrewson -- Great White Shark Models entered: 1

Out of the Box




Military, All Scales

Aircraft, All Scales

Non-military, All Scales

Sponsor: CMSM

1st: Richard Sliwka -- USS YMS-419 Mine sweeper

2nd: Tom Bogacki -- M4A3 Sherman Tank

3rd: Michael McCurdy -- Soviet KV-122 Heavy Tank

Models entered: 3


Sponsor: Fraternal Order of Eagles, Aerie #2730


1st: Greg Vandersteel -- Blohm and Voss BV-212P 2nd: Kent Barnes -- P-51D Tuskegee Airmen 3rd: Hugh Palmer -- Yak-3 Models entered: 3

Sponsor: Fraternal Order of Eagles, Aerie #2730


1st: Scott Adams -- Porsche 930 Turbo 2nd: Lerran Yuder -- 1956 Ford Victoria Models entered: 2




Figures, Large Base

Large base figures used in or associated with role-playing games or table-top gaming.

Figures, Small Base

Small base figures used in or associated with role-playing games or table-top gaming.

Sponsor: Valhalla's Gate

1st: Nick Hogue -- Chaos Space Marines "The Vermins Lord Lair"

Models entered: 1

Valhallas Gate

Sponsor: Valhalla's Gate

1st: Nick Hogue -- Chaos Space Marine

2nd: John McNeely -- Russian Steel Guard Snipers

3rd: Adam Miller -- Space Marine

Models entered: 7

Valhallas Gate



Special Awards:


Best of Show

People's Choice

Sponsor: Carpet One

Scott Johnson -- Tisan 4

(Chosen by the judges)

Carpet One

Ron Denning --

"Operation Tip-Tow"

(Chosen by attendee vote)

Sunrise Optimist Club

Sponsor: Sunrise Optimist Club