Contestant Information

On Saturday, November 6th, 2021...

Contest registration begins at 9:00am and lasts until noon. The contestant registration fee is $10 for unlimited entries per person.

General admission is free, so bring your friends, family, and fellow modelers along!

For those of you with children, the free Make-N-Take table will be open from 10:00am to 1:30pm (although we are flexible). Children ages 8 to 14 can assemble an easy-to-build snap-kit model of their choice for free to take home. Parents and guardians are encouraged to assist the youth, but event staff will be on-hand to show the kids what to do and assist as needed. The snap-kit models require no glue, paint, nor X-acto knives to assemble, however they do need a sprue-nipper to remove parts from the sprues.

This year's TigerCon features two special events!

    • Theme Event "Come Hell or High Water" : An optional theme event with trophy for any model related, or having something to do with, the year's theme. The judges will select the winner.

    • Non-Competition Display Area : You wanna just show off your model for all to see? No judging and viewer compliments welcome.

Judging will begin at noon and generally lasts until 2:00pm. Judging follows the IPMS rules and is "no sweeps" per category.

Anyone can enter. You do not have to be an IPMS member to enter a model in the contest.

The awards presentation will begin no earlier than 2:15pm and usually lasts to about 3:00pm.

Each contestant will receive a "People's Choice" award slip so they can vote on a model to receive the People's Choice award.

Vendor booths will be open from 9:00am to at least 2:15pm. They may stay open up to 3:00pm if sales continue.

Prior to the contest date, you can download the Contestant Registration Form, fill it out and print it, and have it ready to present at the registration table. Contestant registration forms will also be available at the registration table if you don't have time to fill one out beforehand.

TigerCon Contestant Registration Form (.pdf Adobe PDF Document)

You can also download, fill out, and print a Model Entry Form. Fill out one entry form for each model you enter. Please note that this form should be printed "landscape" (some printers will try to print it out "portrait" and you end up with two little-bitty forms on the top half of the paper, which is too small to use).

TigerCon Model Entry Form (.pdf Adobe PDF Document)

Vending machines and water fountain are available at the location.

Restrooms, including handicapped facilities, are available.

Several restaurants and fast-food places are either across the street or within a short drive from the facility.

You may bring ready-made food into the general assembly area but not into the model area.

Please note that contestant registration ends at noon. Due to the judging schedule, and to be fair to all contestants, no exceptions will be made.

Bouncing balls, "Super-balls", rubber "Power-Balls", or any ball will not be allowed in the model area. Although we do have event security staff, if you try to bring a super-ball into the model area, you probably won't get past the other contestants and modelers... Personally I envision something like a Rugby scrum occurring just inside the doorway to the model area... "Eeee-aaaa!!! That guy's got a super-ball!!! Get him!!!" ...and then all these model contestants pile on... And modelers tend to carry super-glue for those last minute fix-ups... I don't know, it just doesn't sound like good news to me... Please don't bring a ball into the model area.

Please do not let your children play on the stairway banisters.

Please do not leave used baby diapers tucked in corners of the event area floor. Please dispose of used baby diapers in appropriate disposal receptacles. It was nice that they were double-wrapped in plastic bags (thank you at least for doing that) but there were trash cans in multiple locations that could have been used. Please note also that there is (and was) a restroom with a baby-changing stand available.

You are welcome to take photographs or video at the TigerCon event.

Please read the Notice Regarding Photography, Video, and/or Audio Recording of Event at TigerCon.

TigerCon vendors