Membership Information

Becoming a member of the Central Missouri Scale Modelers Club is very easy!

Step 1

Send an email to with the following information:

    • Name

    • Phone Number

    • Email Address

    • The city you live in

    • Describe the kind of models you like to build


Step 2

Come to one of our monthly meetings. The next meeting and location are listed at the top left under the heading "Monthly Meeting".


Step 3

Pay your annual $15 dues to the Treasurer at the meeting.


Step 4

Participate by:

    • Bringing in a recently completed model to a club meetings.

    • Getting to know other members in the club.

    • Asking for topics to be presented at the club meetings so you can learn from others.

    • Helping with a community outreach event to display your models.

    • Presenting a topic at the club meeting so you can share your talents and skills.

    • Having fun!