CMSM Outreach for Boy Scout Derby Days

Post date: Apr 17, 2012 8:04:18 PM

The Central Missouri Scale Modelers was asked to setup a display at the April 14th 2012 Boy Scout Derby Days event located at the Parkade Center in Columbia Missouri. The event was an opportunity for us to educate the kids and parents that scale modeling is a great hobby and a perfect next step for the kids to keep involved in a hands on construction based activity.

We had two tables loaded with models and awards our members have won as a way to catch the public's attention. We had interest from the kids as they thought it was really cool and we had interest from the parents as they remember the times when they built models. There were adults that stopped by and told us that they were really happy to know that we exist and that they will try to attend a meeting soon.

Gary Lazear made a very nice display of how a model kit looks out of the box and what it looks like assembled.

I huge thank you for T.Mike C., Jack A., Gary L., Scott A. and Brian L. for setting up, manning, marketing and tearing down the display.


Gary Lazear and his kit display